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Hcubed Candles are soy based candles hand-poured in Rochester Hills, Michigan using only the finest fragrance and essential oils.

You won't find any dyes or wax additives in them, just 100% pure, soy bean wax with the finest fragrance oils.

Our wicks are made with a cotton core so you get a good, clean burn each time.


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hcubed fun fact

Our 16 oz candle burns up to 100 hours! That's 3x more than some of our most common competitors!

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hcubed fun fact

You can get any of our scents during the year, just shop our "out of scent" section

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Hcubed fun fact

We stand for 3 things.

Honesty, we only use 100% soy wax, with no additives, even soy based additives.

Hand Poured, we pour every candle by hand in our studio.

Happiness, we want our candles to create happiness when ever you light them.

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