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Refill Kit

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Our refill packages are super easy to use
and will extend your enjoyment of your

Please note, for orders of cheesemolds more than 3, you will need to buy 3+ however many more. 

Each refill kit
includes a full dough bowl refill
with American Soybean Wax with your
favorite scent in a microwavable
container and includes wicks .Simply
select your fragrance and vessel
size and we'll send exactly the right
amount of ingredients. It's that easy.

Please inspect your container carefully
before microwaving to insure it has not
cracked during shipping....If container is
damaged, remove wax from the
container and place in a microwave safe

Refills are easy! 

  • Clean your dough bowl with soap
    and water - and be sure its dry
    when you are ready to refill your
  • Glue down your wicks, we do NOT supply glue. You’ll have to use a hot glue gun or this glue. Glue needs 2-4 hours to cure. Do not add any wax until you can pick up the vessel by the wick. 
  • Place refill container in the
    microwave for three minutes and
    place heat on medium. (Please be
    cautious - as wax will be hot). 
  • Let the container with the melted wax sit for two minutes. (if wax is not totally melted - stir wax with the provided stir stick until any clumps are melted. If wax needs to melt more, please do so in 30 second increments.) 
  • Pour the melted wax into the
    prepped dough bowl container.
  •  Let your candle sit for at least 72
    hours before lighting.
  • Trim your wicks to 1/2 inches.

    Congratulations ! You have just refilled
    your Hcubed mold! 

All refill kits are made for Hcubed vessels and are subject to cancellation at hcuebd seeing. 
Please note, refill kits are made to order and may take up to 5 business days 

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